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can anyone recommend restaurants in Matagorda ?

Asked by: 4th March 2011

I am staying in Costa Sal apts.


7 Answers

  1. Roy Stevenson on Mar 04, 2011

    Try Restaurante Kike or La Brisa. I’ve had great food in both. Both in Matagorda Centro Commerciale

  2. Jules CJ on Mar 04, 2011

    I’ve had lunch in La Brisa and it was good, there’s an excellent restaurant on site at Costa Sal too, their BBQ’s are fantastic. If you like Japanese try Sapporo too.

  3. col on Mar 05, 2011

    matagorda park/grill and Timbayba both great food worth while visting

    • David on Mar 06, 2011

      thank you

  4. Mark Kanaris on Mar 06, 2011

    Would recommend Hong Kong chinese which is in the C.C Matagorda. Homemade pancakes for the crispy duck were divine…La Brisa also excellent.

  5. Hazel Brown on Mar 07, 2011

    El Molino, which is down towards Pocillos beach, is a fabulous Italian and very reasonable – their Carbonara is to die for! Would also recommend the Kinsale restaurant, Casa Kike and La Brisa – there’s loads to choose from

  6. David on Mar 07, 2011

    Thank you Hazel