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can anyone recommend a good chinese restaurant in CT ?

Asked by: 5th May 2014

We are back in CT in June [can’t wait]  and would like to try a good chinese restaurant. Not too keen on the buffet ones though. there are 4 of us, two couples [no children] would be grateful for any suggestions.


12 Answers

  1. Sue on May 05, 2014

    Hi Karen, The Emperor which is in Playa Bastain next to the Welcome is good and reasonably priced.

    • karen hill on May 06, 2014

      Hi Sue, thanks for your reply, we have stayed in Playa Bastian a few times so are familiar with that area.

  2. tony rutherford on May 05, 2014

    slow boat really nice

  3. Sue Feetam on May 07, 2014

    Hi Karen,
    Can definitely recommend Shang Hai restaurant near the square, the food is great and the staff are really lovely. We always have a couple of meals when we are in C.T. Looking forward to visiting them shortly….. in fact 5 weeks tomorrow. Not that I’m counting!!

    • karen hill on May 07, 2014

      Hi Sue, thanks. We too will be in CT 5 weeks tomorrow !.

  4. john ault on May 07, 2014

    Slow boat really nice,we alway go a couple of times every time we go to CT(past 5years)

  5. Sue Feetam on May 07, 2014

    Hi John,

    Where is the Slow Boat in C.T pls? We will give it a try next time we are there. Thanks

  6. tony rutherford on May 07, 2014

    slow boat is at the bottom of the main strip opposite galleon restaurant

  7. Kevin Burton on May 08, 2014

    Hi Sue, We have been going to the slow boat for over 12years. It has followed the trend and is now buffet style but they still offer a la carte if you ask.we have always enjoyed eating there.There is another chinese restaurant in las Cucharas .I think it is called the jumbo but can’t be sure. It is next door to Popeyes . It is very unusual as they have an extensive menu and you can order as much as you like for a set price about 6.95euro. The big difference is that everything is cooked to order freshly. Excellent value for money. Worth a try.

  8. Joe Strummer on May 08, 2014

    Agree with Kevin – although rather unhelpfully – I cannot recall its name – Is it next to Popeyes bar – we were there in January and it was recommended by a girl from Middlesborough who we met in the Square – she lives in CT.

    Its all you can eat from the menu – but its not a buffet – would imagine the cost will vary with the season but still fantastic value for money and great staff

  9. john ault on May 08, 2014

    Direction as per Tony
    By the way the Galleon restaurant mentioned by Tony is good (not Chinese)