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can any one recomend any good running shops?

Asked by: 22nd July 2011

can any one recomend any good running shops? i know a good cycling shop but no shops that sell running gear……2 days to go


10 Answers

  1. Michael on Jul 22, 2011

    Más Deportes Lanzarote

    Calle El Jable 5
    35550 San Bartolome Las Palmas

    you will find a map on their website : http://masdeporteslanzarote.blogspot.com/

  2. paul baitson on Jul 22, 2011

    thank you…….anything in c.t. or p.d.c.?

  3. Mr.c on Jul 22, 2011

    Don’t know of any other than that mentioned but if that’s you in the photo, please can you stay away from costa teguise so that us ugly unfit guys can try and stick together!!!!!

  4. Mr.c on Jul 22, 2011

    That’s ok – I love to run there too, I try and go three times a week in the UK and it’s hard to stay motivated when the weather is like it is and there is not much space on the roads for runners. Lanzarote is just a dream to run around, clean air, great scenery, wonderful people and a hell of a great life – our family are planning a move out there too – too good a life for the kids to pass by – yeah, they may not have the lifestyle that they would in the UK but they will have the

  5. Mr.c on Jul 22, 2011

    Life!!!! I won’t be typing as my new vocation!

  6. jude on Jul 23, 2011

    there is a sports shop in costa just opposite the oasis lanza hotel but not a huge range of stuff,the better ones are in the shopping centre deiland on the way to the airport from costa teguise,or mega centro just opposite deiland,the bus from costa to pdc stops there ,( or you could run !! lol )

  7. paul baitson on Jul 23, 2011

    thank you for all youre answers, i should know where they are…….been a runner and the amount of times we`ve stayed in c.t. but i`ve always bought cycling gear and never bothered with buying running gear as my holiday momento……well it`s time for bed soon as i have a flight to catch tomorow……waaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooo. 🙂

  8. Michael on Jul 24, 2011

    You can also try this one in Arrecife : Deportes El Reducto, Avenida Fred Olsen, 4.

  9. paul baitson on Jul 24, 2011

    thanks………leaving for the airport in 30 mins waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa