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Camel Number 13 ?

Asked by: 24th April 2013

A daft question , , ,  

Many moons ago i took in the tourist camel rides around Timanfaya. . The experience only tainted by my camel , ,who had a number 13 burnt into the back of his head. . He was really nasty and kept swinging around to bite my feet. . . Ive never forgotten it , , After all these years hes probably dead, , , But has anyone else ever had a bad camel day ? lol


8 Answers

  1. rhea67a on Apr 24, 2013

    Lol, this question made me giggle, I also went on the camels, but luckily it seems had a nice camel.

  2. Heather on Apr 24, 2013

    Funny as it may seem, we (myself and hubby) also went on the camel ride around Timanfaya. It had been recommended to us by a friend (some friend he was) lol . It was an experience that I won’t forget either. I was sun burnt and it hurt like hell. All over my shoulders, arms, legs, feet even toes. So I blame the camels!. A year of so later we took our friends to Playa Blaanca and again ended up on the Camel Ride. ha ha. You would have thought “once bitten,. twice shy” would have come to mind. But this time with Factor One million and ten plasted on everywhere. Off we went again!.. Our friends enjoyed it and so did we until the bloody camel stood on her toe! OUCH!!!
    Needless to say we’ve had enough of camels to last a life time!!! lol

  3. Frank on Apr 24, 2013

    I too had a ride on the camels many moons ago. I was lucky enough to have a lovely calm placid animal who was number 13.

    The camel handler advised me that No. 13 reacted to the temperament of the rider on it’s back and remembered a cantankerous old English guy who it took great umbridge with.

    Maybe you should look in the mirror for the reason it tried to bite you !

  4. Paul D on Apr 24, 2013

    lol @ Franks answer. . .I was as calm as calm could be, , The last thing i wanted to do was antagonise Mr 13 . . . .( Im presuming he was a he ! )

    No cantankerous goings on from me that day , , I was concentrating on staying out of range from his teeth. .

    As for the mirror , , , Why would i have one of those with me on a camel ride ? . . .Cmon Frank, , dont be silly.. lol . . . And dont go getting the hump now. . Just a bit of fun . lol

  5. Frank on Apr 24, 2013

    I’m LOL too.

    I’m far too sensible to go these camels. You asked a daft question so I thought I’d supply a daft answer.

    I’m back there in 6 weeks so I’ll keep am eye out for your friend.

  6. Paul D on Apr 24, 2013

    He must be long gone now frank,,, It was around 1985 /86 , although im not sure how long the things live . . ? ?

    Actually ,, Even though he tried to bite my feet , he did have a muzzle on , but i wasnt taking any chances, , I guess they have good reason to be cheesed off. . I dont know how hard they are worked but it does kind of get you thinking about their welfare !

    I do remember gagging for a drink becuase it was a hot day , , Was ironic ,, all those humps and not one drop of water to sip for anyone !. lol

  7. Paul D on Apr 24, 2013

    Im envious of you going back in 6 weeks Frank . . Hope you have a great time !

  8. rhea67a on Apr 25, 2013

    I’m leaving for lanzarote today Paul, ill look out for a grumpy grey very old camel for you and report back!