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Calls las ollas ?

Asked by: 4th September 2012

Hi can anyone tell me if the work has finished on the street opposite casa  blanka restaurant CT near lighthouse pub when I was there in april it was all shuttered off have the metal covers been removed now    X


16 Answers

  1. Sue on Sep 04, 2012

    Yes, it’s all finished and a new Fund Grube store has opened. They’ve now started work on another site further along the road next to the mexican restaurant that is going to be another retail unit but I don’t think anyone has taken it on yet

  2. Zoe on Sep 04, 2012

    Thanks for your reply way exactly is fund grube store wat does it sell!!!

  3. Sue on Sep 04, 2012

    Hi Zoe, it’s a really nice store that sells perfumes, shoes, bags, clothes etc

  4. Zoe on Sep 04, 2012

    Thanks sue really looking forward to going 15 days to go x

  5. Sue on Sep 04, 2012

    Have a great time, it’s really beautiful here at the moment x

  6. Zoe on Sep 04, 2012

    Where is step toes bar been 18 times never seen it

  7. Sue on Sep 04, 2012

    It’s on the Avenida Del Mar just across the road from the Coronas Apartments. If you’ve not been into that part of Costa Teguise give it a try, there are some great bars and restaurants around there

  8. Zoe on Sep 05, 2012

    Where is coronas is it far from square x
    I’ve stayed Los zocos end and sands beach
    But can’t picture coronas?

  9. Sue on Sep 05, 2012

    It’s probably about a 15 to 20 minute walk. Come out of the square (Pueblo Marinero) and turn left (opposite direction to Sands Beach). Walk to the end of the road and turn right. When you get to the roundabout turn left and keep walking until you reach the shops and restaurants. You’ll pass the Coronas hotel on your left and the Coronas apartments are a little further along. You can also get to this area by walking along the seafront and cutting up through Playa Bastian. The Tourist Info office has a good map of Costa Teguise that clearly shows this area. Have a good time

  10. ian on Sep 05, 2012

    hi zoe.we are in ct from 17th to 27th. where you staying

  11. Sue on Sep 07, 2012

    Isnt that near El Navarro restaurant? It gets a good write up on trip advisor, has anyone visited lately? Me and my hubby will be flying out on Sunday 16th Sept, cant wait!!

  12. Sue on Sep 07, 2012

    Hi Sue, yes it’s about 4 doors away from Navarro. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Costa Teguise and currently rated the top restaurant in the resort on Trip Advisor. I’ve eaten there many times, the last time was last week for my husband’s birthday. The food is delicious and the service is fantastic. It’s not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for. It’s often fully booked so be sure to book if you want to go, especially if you want to sit outside.

  13. Sue on Sep 08, 2012

    Thanx Sue, will definitely get a table booked in advance, I gather you must be be living there permanently, feeling rather jealous!!!

  14. Sue on Sep 08, 2012

    I am, best thing I ever done! Have a wonderful holiday x

  15. ian on Sep 08, 2012

    hi zoe. in costa teguise from 17th staying at sands beach. are you any where nearby . me wife and 2 kids

  16. Zoe on Sep 08, 2012

    Hi my husband and I are staying with friends out there.
    We have stayed sands beach b4 with grandchildren we had beach front app was lovely hope you enjoy!!!