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Bus from the airport ?

Asked by: 2nd March 2012

I intend to get the number 22 bus from the airport to Arrecife and then change there to go to Costa Teguise.
Please could someone give me directions to the bus stop at the airport as I think I could soon bottle out and end up in a taxi!!
The more confident I feel the easier it will be!
Also, do I store my suitcase underneath the bus (as they look more like coaches) or take it into the bus with me.


9 Answers

  1. Jules CJ on Mar 02, 2012

    The bus stop is situated on the road by the petrol station and inter island terminal at the airport. If you exit right when you come through to arrivals and follow the road around you will see it.

    When you stop at the Estacion de Guaguas, get off and wait on the main road on the opposite side to the bus station for the connecting bus to Costa Teguise. Check with the driver about your suitcase, they’ll either wave you on or get off to open the luggage space underneath for you.

    Ask to buy a bono which is €12 and will give you discount on the buses.

  2. Debbie Greenwood on Mar 03, 2012

    Hi Jules – thank you for your reply.
    Having ‘google mapped’ it it looks like quite a walk. Is it a sensible thing to do or am I just trying to be too stingy on the taxi fare??
    I figured that it’s be nice to ride to CT at bus pace and look out of the windows and the price of a taxi is a nice meal. I’m in no rush to get to CT as it’ll be about tea time.

  3. Jules CJ on Mar 03, 2012

    If I’m honest with you it’s do-able and quite straight forward but my feeling is that it’s a stressful start to your holiday. You could be unpacked and starting your evening if you get a taxi or book a transfer with someone like last minute. You can always make up for it with a fantastic buffet meal at Golden City chinese for €4.50 all you can eat!

  4. Steve on Mar 03, 2012

    Hi, you can book online with lastminute travel.com,from the UK. We used them last september,10 euro up to 4 people.very prompt and polite.highly recomended.We have booked our transfers with them again for next month.

  5. Debbie Greenwood on Mar 03, 2012

    I don’t look at is as being stressful – quite exciting really and the Bono price (for numerous bus trips) is less then the taxi would be. I just want to feel confident that I know what I’m doing! I’m a bit OCD about planning things!
    Steve – the 10 euro for up to 4 people – is that 10 euro’s for just 1 person?

    Thank you for your help – it’s great to be able to get ‘proper’ answers to questions!

    • Steve on Mar 03, 2012

      Hi Debbie, yes it is 10 euro for one persons or 4,taxi,s are about 20 euros plus.lastminute travel pick you up outside airport terminal. steve

  6. Debbie Greenwood on Mar 03, 2012

    The other thing is that because I’m renting an appartment just for myself I want to make savings wherever I can – to justify the extra cost on the appartment (my previous visits have been with my sister so we split the cost of the appartment). I’m not a skinflint – just like the idea of being able to have a cost effective holiday – and then be able to do it again later in the year 😉

  7. Kevin Burton on Mar 05, 2012

    Hi Debbie, If you are a relaxed traveller, have no fear the bus journey is easy. On exiting the airport turn right go past the taxi rank and you will see the bus stop with a timetable. When you get on the bus ask for the bono if you intend to use buses during your stay. It will cost 12 euro. Insert it into the top of the machine next to the driver and ask for arrecife, the bono will be returned to you from the machine. You will arrive at the bus terminus which is easily recognised as a new open sided building. You will get of at the back and merely walk to the front (20 meters) and get the next bus to costa teguise No.03 (every 20 minutes except on Sunday). You may have to put your case in the luggage rack but that depends on the driver and how nicely you smile. Insert your bono., ask for costa teguise. Tel driver where you are staying and he/she will probably tell you where to get off. Hope these instructions are ocd enough for you and whatever you do have a lovely time in CT.

  8. Debbie Greenwood on Mar 05, 2012

    Thank you so much for your reply – but about an hour too late!! I’ve just booked the transfer with Last Minute – 10 euros each way. I figured it was a compromise!
    I do intend to get the service bus to other places during my stay and will definately get a Bono.
    Any recommendations for nice bus journeys greatly appreciated. I love seeing all the Cesar Manrique ornaments and such like and quite fancied a little wander round the cactus garden again. I’ve done all the touristy things on previous visits on organised trips with Last Minute.