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Bus from Allegro Oasis into Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 30th September 2011

Does anyone know if a bus runs from the Occidental Allegro Oasis into the centre of Costa Teguise?

If so do you know how much it is and also what time do they run untill. I understand a taxi is about 3 euros but just wondered about local transport. We normally stay in the centre but have just got a good deal in this hotel for next week. Thanks in advance.


8 Answers

  1. Lincoln Nick on Sep 30, 2011

    It is a few years since we were there but I can’t remember a bus service. We used to walk in to town with a few stops on the way at some nice bars and then get a taxi back.

    Hope you have a good time.

  2. Peter on Sep 30, 2011

    Hi, there is no bus service from Occidental to the Costa Teguise town centre.

    The easiest way is ti walk on the main road from the hotel towards the town – after app. 10 mins. walk you will see an open area with a gangway down the hill towards the sea.

    When down by the water turn left and the nice wide gangway will get you straight to the

    Also, during the walk you will even find some places where you can stop and have a drink
    and look over the lovely blue sea.

    Good luck – have a lovely holiday.


  3. John on Sep 30, 2011

    I stayed Occidental last year and it is a bit far out…quite a walk. I was also in Costa Teguise earlier this month and definitely saw buses that go along Av del Mar and there is a bus stop directly outside the Occidental.

    It is the Linea 1 and goes to the Pueblo Marinero centre

    Although didnt use the bus think it would be no more than 1.20 euros

    • Peter on Oct 01, 2011

      Re. the bus mentioned, yes, it stops outside Occidental, however, does not go to Costa Tequise but drives directly north.


  4. GAIL on Oct 01, 2011

    HI havent been to costa teguise since last november but then you could get a bus right outside the hotel which went into costa teguise past the square and all the way down past sands beach resort cannot remember the number of the bus but we caught this a few times from center of costa teguise to puerto del carmen and on the return trip plenty of people got on outside the occidental to go into costa teguise. the reception staff in the hotel should be able to tell you which number bus to get. it wont cost much but if there are two of you or more it may be just as cheap to get a taxi. although the walk along the prom into town is a nice one but a long one. hope this helps.

  5. John on Oct 01, 2011


    Gail states there were buses last Nov and I saw plenty along the Av del Mar on which Occidental is situated and I’ve been back less than 2 weeks so it won’t have changed.

    Tracy, as Gail says hotel reception will tell you and you can always check out the website (think Peter must be a taxi driver over there lol)

  6. Tracy R on Oct 01, 2011

    Thanks everyone for your help. I arrive in CT on Thursday and will post a report here on my return. Tracy.

  7. Karen on Oct 02, 2011

    Hi Tracy
    here’s a link to the hotels website
    its only about a 15 minute walk to the Pueblo Marinero this is where the friday night market is held it starts at about 5pm and there are loads of bars/restaurants there too