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Books in CT ?

Asked by: 23rd September 2014

aversion to Kindles!!! Just wondered if anyone knows of a book exchange or place where you can buy secondhand books in CT? Cheers!!


10 Answers

  1. Joe Strummer on Sep 23, 2014

    I’m sure there is one – if you exit the Cucharas Shopping centre and turn left and start walking up the hill – on your left – there’s a big car park and a dental practice – its near there –

    Some of the bars do it as well I believe ?

  2. Jen on Sep 23, 2014

    There used to be a second hand book shop in one of the little streets running parallel to cucharas beach. In between beach and main road. Sorry can’t remember the name and not used for few years.

  3. Jen on Sep 23, 2014

    Also your apartment reception may do it. Nazaret did when last there.

  4. Tom Iles on Sep 23, 2014

    Joe is right. Turn left opposite the Cabrera Medina car hire office on the main road into Calle Del Marrajo (that’s what it says on Google) and go past the dental practice. The Book Shop is just past there on the left. You could get to it from the opposite direction from Las Cucharas beach

    • Tom Iles on Sep 23, 2014

      Sorry. Should. have said “just past there on the right”.

  5. Sue on Sep 23, 2014

    If you are near Playa Bastain (next to Sausilitos), there is a second hand shop there, Costa Less, that sells loads of second-hand books for about 1 Euro. They are open most days (not sure about Sunday) between 10 – 2

  6. Gill Blakemore on Sep 23, 2014

    Thanks for everyone’s suggestions, stay near to Playa Bastian and know the little shop there so will pay it a visit on our next visit (November). Bring it on!!!

  7. Sue on Sep 24, 2014

    The book shop that used to be near Las Cucharas beach has now closed, but the people who bought it now have the Coronas Newsagents in front of the Coronas Hotel and have a large selection of books there. I agree with the other Sue that Costa Less also has a great selection of books and they’re cheaper.

  8. Gill Blakemore on Sep 24, 2014

    Thanks all, have a few good suggestions to make sure I don’t have to revert to the kindle!!

  9. Mr Grimsdale on Sep 27, 2014

    kindle is always good