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Bluebay CT – which block you would recommend staying in ?

Asked by: 19th September 2013 ,


I am staying in Bluebay Apartments in CT next April with my mum (aged 73) and daugther (aged 11) and am just wondering which block you would recommend staying in. 

I do like a quiet room (modern if possible), nice balcony/terrace.  I understand there are no lifts, but think I would prefer stay in a higher room in order to to avoid any unwanted visitors! 

Thanks a million.



4 Answers

  1. Wendy Middleton on Sep 20, 2013

    Hi Marie,

    Can’t help you with your query about the Apartments, however I just wanted to mention something about ‘unwanted visitors’.

    One our first visit to CT, many many moons ago, we stayed in the Tuscan. Our ground floor apartment had a problem in the bathroom and it flooded, so we were moved to another on the second floor. Needless to say we had to keep the plug in the bath at all times because the little critters were climbing up . . . . and they weren’t ‘incy wincy’ little critters! So, you’re not safe even on a higher floor.

    In more recent years, we haven’t seen many cockroaches, but have stayed at the Galeon Playa. I’m sure others will have, but we haven’t. Used to see lots at Los Zocos – even more so when they were building the new part.

    Hope you all have a lovely time – I’m sure you will.


  2. Sarahmarie17 on Sep 20, 2013

    Hi Wendy, many thanks for your reply. There is one thing in life I am scared stiff of and that is little (or big) critters!! Im a bit anxious about holiday now.

  3. Wendy Middleton on Sep 20, 2013

    Don’t worry Marie – you probably won’t see any, or may be just the odd one. They are certainly far less than there used to be (in my experience).

    If you change your mind and don’t want to go – I’ll go in your place 🙂

    Have a brilliant time.

  4. Kitty on Sep 20, 2013

    Agree with Wendy, seems to be a lot less of them lately than there used to be. They are big buggers out there though, so If you want some peace of mind, buy a can of Baygon or Mosfertil and spray it around the skirtings. That will keep them out. We always spray around before we leave the apartment and have never had a problem. Occasionally find a dead one next time we go but it is very rare.