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Best to buy a phone and package in Lanzarote or get one in the UK ?

Asked by: 15th February 2012

We are coming to Lanzarote for 3 months in March, and then hopefully returning permanently in August. I currently have a pay as you go phone, which has seen better days, so am looking to purchase a new one.

Does anyone know if it will be best for me to buy a phone and package in Lanzarote or get one in the UK before I come out ?


4 Answers

  1. david charles hind on Feb 15, 2012

    I would buy a phone in the UK ,and sort out a package in lanzarote,but i could be wrong

    • gill bentley on Feb 21, 2012

      thank you for your reply. Apologies for delay in replying but I have had issues with my login.

  2. jude on Feb 15, 2012

    if you mean just to use out here then go to the informatica/movistar shop next to los molinos ( its next door to the monmarte restaurant) you can buy a basic nokia model for around 18 euros but it comes with about 9 euros credit on it,i’m not very technical minded but i believe its unlocked so you can stick your uk sim in it when you get home.

  3. Mr.c on Feb 16, 2012

    Best to buy the unlocked phone in the uk and drop a spanish sim in – see my earlier thread on Masmovil for a seriously good sim package, which you can buy off Ebay and top up anywhere and you wont go wrong.