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Best places to eat with children ?

Asked by: 24th April 2015


4 Answers

  1. Jane on Apr 24, 2015

    It would help if said where you were staying, or are you asking about the best places on the island?

  2. Joe Strummer on Apr 24, 2015

    Probably best to use a knife and fork ?

  3. MATT JONES on Apr 24, 2015

    If you’re in Costa Teguise Gjil try the Portobello Italian restaurant. I was in there a few weeks ago with my sons 22 & 18 ( Kids but not kids) and we noticed just how many young families were in there. The lady that owns the place made the kids really welcome. They had a children’s menu, and they all got a lollypop! . The food is really good and the kids all seemed content to be in an ‘adult’ setting.

  4. nigel ball on Apr 28, 2015

    Pinocchio’s in PDC.