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Best places in Costa Teguise or Arrecife that sell work of local artists ?

Asked by: 17th August 2011

I’d like to buy a painting or a decent print of a local artist’s work to remind me of Lanzarote when I’m stuck at home in England during the gloomy winter months!     


7 Answers

  1. Karen on Aug 17, 2011

    I know last time I was over that there was a man doing fantastic spray paint pictures – could kick myself for not getting one – he was down the opposite end of the prom from the Cuchuras shopping centre – failing that try the friday night market at Pueblo Marinero in Costa Teguise

  2. Jules CJ on Aug 17, 2011

    Haría has a great craft market on each Saturday morning which is artisan stalls only, Costa Teguise has a new craft market each Wednesday evening in Pueblo Marinero, this too is artisan so local craft workers although I don’t know if there are any artists with stalls there but worth a try .

  3. gordon on Aug 17, 2011

    at the sunday market in teguise, theres an art galleria down the side streets just passed the old town hall. it sells nice prints already framed from 20 euros. also plenty of artists sell there stuff at the market.

    • Roy on Aug 18, 2011

      Thanks Karen, Jules and Gordon. I’ll enjoy wandering round the markets you suggest. And the galleria at Teguise definitely sounds the sort of place I might find something with some genuine Lanzarote character but reasonably priced.

  4. jason grace on Aug 18, 2011

    Best place is Haria Market on a Saturday Morning – A german Lady sells Laqur Pictures of lanzarote and they are fantastic.

    • Roy on Aug 19, 2011

      Yeah, thanks Jason, Haria Market sounds worth a visit. Do you know if any buses go there from Costa Teguise?

  5. JUE on Aug 30, 2011

    Ryans bar playa las cucharas have a display of soul and jass musicians in pastels and water coulers up on the wall for sale by local artist Estavan who also calls in the bar nightly to do carricatures or can be commsioned to do more intricate portraits, seascapes etc