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best place to hire fishin tackle best baits etc ?

Asked by: 20th August 2012



2 Answers

  1. David myers on Aug 20, 2012

    Not sure about tackle hire i always take a small telescopic rod in my case, the best place i have found for bait is in the old town in PDC its just as you go down to the harbour on the right where the taxi rank is its called restaurant LaLonja go in the door on the front marked Pescaderia they sell fresh fish here and if you ask for bait they will sort some really fresh bait that works great (think there raw prawns) beware if you catch any fish that are not silver they could have a sting that requires hospital treatment, the more colourful the more danger

  2. nick wright on Aug 20, 2012

    Thanx David I’m staying in tias for a change so only a couple of mins from old town looking forward to catch and eat cheers nick