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best place to eat and drink without being ripped off in pdc ?

Asked by: 28th February 2012


8 Answers

  1. larry connell on Feb 29, 2012

    Try spenders for the drinks, can’t go wrong, pinochio’s for the food.

  2. Ciaran B on Mar 01, 2012

    Ditto to both of Larrys suggestions, John in Spenders is a true gent and with his measures you deffo wont get ripped off, also as Larry said Pinochio’s is a great place to eat, we eat there at least every second night when we are over, food is lovely, staff are great. Another bar further down worth visiting is Friends Bar, run by Steve and Sue, they also offer good value in food and drinks.

    • stephenbaxter551 on Mar 01, 2012

      thanks for this ciaran were abouts are these 2 bars im there 0n 10 march thanks

  3. STEVE on Mar 01, 2012

    THANKS FOR THE INFO COMING OUT ON TUESDAY 6th LOOKING FORWARD TO TRYING THEM OUT STEVE. whats the price of the beer over there at the moment and do the bars still up the price at night

  4. Ciaran B on Mar 02, 2012

    Hi Steve, Spenders bar is on Calle Anzuelo, if you are on the strip go past centro atlantico (the main area for all the bars, a dump in my opinion) and with the sea to your right take the next left turn up the hill, spenders is about 100yrs up on the corner. Friends bar is further down the strip about 10 minute walk fron Centro atlantico in an area called centro maritimo…if you google both bars you will get maps etc….
    As for beer prices it averages between 1.50 to 2.50 for local beer and then upwards of 5.00 for imported beer in some places.
    Im 100% Irish but would advise you to stay clear of the Irish bars they are a complete rip-off, again just my opinion.

  5. Walter on Mar 03, 2012

    Try Friends bar for cheap good food and drinks- it is in the square behind a big pub called the The Dubliner which is on the opposite side of the Casino,about a minutes walk heading towards Matagorda. Peking Duck does great Chinese food and is also very reasonably priced- it is also on the opposite side of the Casino, again heading towards Matagorda. Way West is worth a visit and has lovely sea views it is on the casino side down some steps near the mini golf. All these places are located within a minutes walk of each other.

  6. stephenbaxter551 on Mar 03, 2012

    thanks walt there 10 carnt wait!

  7. Mark on Mar 11, 2012

    defo try they places when we go next month,