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Best Family Bars in Playa Bastian Area ?

Asked by: 12th July 2011


We are two families coming out in August. Kids are 15,14,13 & 10. Whats in Playa Bastian for them? Are there family bars? What goes on in rendevous? What’s the Cavern and the Crown Like? Can kids go in the Monkey Bar? What about the Oscars, Amercian Gril and Dickins?





4 Answers

  1. luke on Jul 13, 2011

    Hi they will be welcome in all the bars around the P Bastian area,Rendevous is a bar with live music 7nts most of them have music,Oscars lovely restaurant also Navarros prob one of the nicest restaurants on the island?Under Navarros is a bowling centre which they will like??Water park only 10min away not great but worth a visit.Enjoy

  2. Stephen Humphreys on Jul 13, 2011

    thanks Luke

    You mention Navaros has a bowling alley.Is this 10 pin bowling.How is it accessed?



  3. luke on Jul 14, 2011

    Hi Steve

    Yes it is 10 pin bowling under Navarros they dont own it its underneat the bars along their you know the netto or spar at the end of the block their is a door or lift that will bring you to it i think the apartments santa rosa owns it enjoy

  4. Sam on Jul 20, 2011

    I thought Rendezvous was closed? It closed in March. All the bars in CT are spread out. The Cavern, Steptoes and The Crown do pub grub, live music and quizzes a few nights a week. There are other bars about 10 minutes away; Saxo’s, Dream’s and Jesters which are karaoke bars and a good family night out.