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back to CT in 10 days Is Ian still runing the Dolphin Inn ?

Asked by: 6th September 2011


5 Answers

  1. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Sep 06, 2011

    He certainly is and as mad a Blues fan as ever lol

    • John Williamson on Sep 06, 2011

      Yes he is. W e have just come back and spent most nights in there. Managed to win the quiz twice plus picked up almost every prize on offer in the raffle.

      • Dave on Sep 06, 2011

        Thanks John he must be all most out of T-shirts by now?

    • Dave on Sep 06, 2011

      Thanks Stephen must take my Forest shirt with me?

  2. Frank on Sep 06, 2011

    Dave, ask him how Alex McLeish is doing. Ian’s a big fan – not !

    And Lisa is still there too keeping him in order.