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Artist along the sea front in Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 10th September 2013


4 Answers

  1. dave love on Sep 10, 2013

    Helen, not sure what your question is about, do you mean the sand sculptures????

  2. helen collett on Sep 12, 2013

    There used to be a lady artist working in what looked like a green doored garage next to the bike hire shop along the pathway that runs parallel to Las Cucharas beach. I think her name was Juanita. Would love to buy more of her work when we come back at Christmas.

  3. dave love on Sep 12, 2013

    Helen. i know where you mean now, we will be there in 3 weeks time, will look and let you know

  4. Tom Iles on Sep 12, 2013

    Helen. The ladies name is Jean Woodcock but I think you are correct in saying that she is known locally as Juanita. She is a lovely lady who has lived on the island a long time and has had to put up with some major problems. She originally lived in one of the houses on the unfinished site in the middle of the Las Cucharas walkway and had to endure going without electric and water on numerous occasions. The last time I spoke to her she told me she had quite a few German people who collected her work and I think she may have a website.