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Arrecife Marina ?

Asked by: 4th July 2015

the new marina in Arrecife with shops, restaurants and attractions is worth a visit ?


2 Answers

  1. Sue on Jul 04, 2015

    Definitely. The 6D cinema is great fun and their Skyride film of Lanzarote is well worth seeing. There are lots of good restaurants, a food market and a few nice shops. I recommend going on a nice sunny day as it can be a bit cool and breezy there if you pick the wrong day. There’s plenty of free parking too and it’s only a short walk into the centre of Arrecife if you want more shops and restaurants

  2. karen hill on Jul 04, 2015

    Just come back from CT, went to the marina twice in the two weeks we were there. Agree with what Sue has said, plus we found the prices of food and drinks very reasonable. It’s well worth a visit.