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Are there many mosquitos in Lanzarote and does it vary through the year?

Asked by: 26th May 2011


10 Answers

  1. Dean on May 26, 2011

    I have been to Lanzarote before in May, July and August, and have never had a lot of trouble with them. they are rarely around during the peak summer months due to the heat and dryness. We did encounter some one May holiday when it rained at times, this does seem to bring out the mosquitos at this time of year. But if you go prepared with some insect repellent then you shouldnt really have too many problems. Enjoy Lanzarote!

  2. Sam Roberto on May 26, 2011

    I have been to Lanzarote in almost every month of the year apart from november, december and january and have never encountered any problem with mosquitos, even my fiancee who did get bitten in mallorca doesn’t have a problem. If your worried just take mosquito wipes, you can buy them from asda for not much more than a pound, or a plug in mosquito repelent, they dont cost alot and might settle your mind. Enjoy

  3. Tony Dean on May 26, 2011

    Got back may 12th,i got bit 6 times, head arms and ear, wife got bit 9 times nasty little sods LOL.

  4. Kitty on May 26, 2011

    Hi Sue, See page 29. There is a question about mozzies with a few answers.

  5. janboo on May 27, 2011

    Just got back and have about 9 bites! I don’t usually get bitten. Husband does but he got none! Never been bitten before anywhere in the Canaries. It was very cloudy and humid most of the time we were there. don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

  6. Benny Hill on May 28, 2011

    Never had any problems with mozzies (and we have stayed in the canaries for years), however stayed for a week in March and my wife and myself were both bitten numerous times. My wife became unwell near to the end of the holiday and required treament on our return to the UK. There was poor weather prior to our arrival, so dont know if this made things worse.

  7. david charles hind on May 28, 2011

    Just got back,never had a problem in costa teguise,windows open all night,not one bite.Maybe drinking a few beers every day in Broons Bar with an Arsenal supporting barman scared them away lol give Gary my best wishes if you visit his bar regards dave

  8. Andy Whitaker on May 31, 2011

    Yes there are mossys in Lanzarote. Go to Holland and Barret and get I think its vitamin B1 or B2 they will tell you. Take for 2 weeks before you go. it really works

  9. Kitty on Jun 01, 2011

    I usually get bitten to death every summer but have never had a problem in Lanzarote. Don’t think I’ve ever had a mozzy bite while there at any time of year.

  10. Paul D on Jun 04, 2011

    This question has popped up before . . . And oddly enough the same mixture of answers where there are people who get bitten and people who dont. . Maybe some of us are more prone to being bitten than others..
    I normally do get bitten i have to say.

    I think a lot of the reasons are dependant on where your staying…… I quite often stay in a villa with a pool on an estate in Playa Blanca where there are numerous properties with pools. . My understanding is that mozzies need water to spawn/breed and ive been told that poorly maintained swimming pool water is ideal for them… Im not talking here about green stagnant water though , , ,its just water where the chemical balance etc and ph is wrong .

    By contrast i think if your staying on a large complex / hotel etc ,, the pools are maintained daily and mossies never get chance to breed etc ? Ive also been told that further in land on the island you will find no mossies !

    Having said all that ,,, Some of us still get bitten and some dont ,,, All the advice on creams , lotions , potions and vitamins above should be taken notice of ,, ohh ,,you can also buy quite low priced pop up mossie nets now to go over your bed !

    Mossies dont chew on you for ages by the way ,, the bite is literally over in seconds…. Just a pain in the bum ,,, squash one today ! and enjoy your holiday ! lol