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Are there any hotels or shops that cater for someone with Coeliac ?

Asked by: 7th April 2012

(Gluten & Wheat free diet)


6 Answers

  1. steve on Apr 08, 2012

    Hi William,

    The Hiperdino in Costa Teguise has a small range of products for coeliac and Brunos cafe also has a selection of sandwiches.

    I would imagine most of the larger Hiperdinos would carry a range of products -i hope this helps!

  2. jude on Apr 08, 2012

    alesios restaurant opposite the large hyperdino supermarket do gluten free pizzas, very tasty too!! also the large spar has gluten free products but it is close until endo of may for rennovations! 🙁

  3. Jules CJ on Apr 09, 2012

    Blooming Cactus in Puerto del Carmen is a great place to eat out, their whole menu is vegetarian, vegan and wheat free although you wouldn’t believe it to taste their food.

    Eurospar supermarkets carry a gluten free range of foods too.

    • William Logan on Apr 10, 2012

      Jules CJ, Thanks very much for this information, this really helps.