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Are the “San Remo” & “Las Olas” restaurants in Costa Teguise still open for business?

Asked by: 7th August 2011

We are visiting Costa Teguise in October and would like to know if these restaurants will be open. Both have served fantastic meals every time we have visited in the past. 


3 Answers

  1. Sam Roberto on Aug 07, 2011

    i dont know about San Remo but unfortunately to my surprise, Las Olas has shut down, it was completely empty in June. Sorry.

  2. jude on Aug 07, 2011

    san remo too i’m afraid but i think it’s being refurbed and reopened. las olas still closed but the owners have the chinese restaurant next door to it. oh just thought did you mean the las olas that was on the seafront or the playa bastian one? the seafront one is still open but called by another name now,sorry cant for life of me remember it,something about fish!! same/similar menu though.

    • Colin M. on Aug 07, 2011

      Thanks Jude. It is (or was) the restaurant at Playa Bastian area.Good to know the chinese is still open though. We will just have to wait and see what happens at San remo.