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Are my kids too young for the submarine excursion ?

Asked by: 3rd March 2013

Hi my kids are 5 and 3 … The question isn’t will they be allowed on its… Will they enjoy it or get a bit bored ? It’s quite a lot of cash if they don’t love it. 


8 Answers

  1. mandy on Mar 03, 2013

    hi we took our kids on sub ages 2 6 7 13 they all loved it
    it can be a little hard getting down the ladder with the little ones but once down its spacious and not over packed

  2. Kitty on Mar 03, 2013

    We took our son on the submarine when he was around 6 and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It was less than spectacular for us though. There isn’t a lot to see and it was pretty expensive then – son is 16 this year. I dread to think what it costs now. All in all, its something different to do and I’m sure the kids will love it.

  3. Steve on Mar 03, 2013

    We took the trip last year and it was 50 Euros each, I agree with Kitty not a lot to see and my wife’s comment after the trip was “at least we can say we’ve been on a submarine” which just about sums it up.

  4. Barry Dunne on Mar 04, 2013

    The most exciting about it is “Wow i’m in a Submarine” otherwise not really worth the money. Better off buying a decent snorkel set,now that is exciting. Bring some bread and feed the fish,great experience

  5. Cat on Mar 05, 2013

    I’d suggest you go on the catamaran trip instead – same money and much better value, the kids all love it, especially the jet ski ride (even the little ones can have a ride).

  6. Nicola on Mar 05, 2013

    Hi, I have to agree with Barry Dunne. Our 11 year old son fed the fish in CT a couple of weeks ago, it was amazing, they all swarmed around his legs in the shallow water (only small fish). A bit further out where he snorkeled they were bigger, it made his day!

  7. Paul D on Mar 06, 2013

    It has been years since i did the submarine trip with my son who was around 7 years old at the time. .But i too can remember feeling under-impressed !

    And the other thing ,,( I dont know if anyone else will agree with me.. ) but am i right in thinking that its not a proper submarine ? Yes its shaped and looks like one. . but from memory i dont think it fully submerged,, If it did it only dipped just below the surface and didnt actually dive to any great depth..
    More of a glass bottom boat type experience than anything else….
    Expensive and didnt last very long either.

  8. Terry on Mar 21, 2013

    agree with Barry, yoru best off spending the money at rancho texas and get yoru kids to swim with the Sea lions 🙂 i dont this last year, will be doing it again when we re visit in 3 weeks 🙂
    the trip advisor stores, basically told us teh submarine tour isnt worth the money,,, now for a trip advisor people to say that (and there meant to be selling,,, tells me alot :P)