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Are all inclusive hotels going to ruin costa teguise ?

Asked by: 30th August 2011 ,

Noticed all the bars in CT are quieter than in years gone by is this because of people not coming out of thier all inclusive resorts


20 Answers

  1. steve on Aug 30, 2011

    Everyone has an opinion – what do you think? and where were you spending your time?

    • david worthington on Aug 31, 2011

      Hi Steve
      came all inc never again screaming kids crap beer fortunatly escaped and found a couple of decent bars red lion, Ryans bar, paradise bar to name a few tried others plenty to choose but after a few they all become one, hIc, burp, fart, sorry

  2. David myers on Aug 30, 2011

    All inclusives are killing trade all over the world, TV program the other night showed the affect A.I. were having in Jamaica, the local people are suffering badly, you only have to look at the size of P.B. now compared to several years ago its probably doubled yet restaurants and bars dont seem to have increased but you wont have any trouble getting a seat at any time of the year in these places, its a bit sad really.

  3. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Aug 30, 2011

    We have been 4 times so far this year and return again 24th Sept. I can understand people with a few children doing the AI but couples on their own do not know what they are missing! We see so many families / couples with AI wrist bands eating out and drinking as the food and drink is appalling in the hotels! (Not all hotels i might add) Prices in Costa Te-guise are fantastic at the moment, we went to mainland Spain a month ago and it was euro for a beer and we spent 16 euro on 2 Sunday dinners! Costa Te-Guise last week was 1.50 for the beer and 12 for the 2 dinners. I know where I would rather spend my money. I hope AI doesn’t ruin it for the rest of us as it really is such a lovely place but with only AI hotels then we might just see a lot of the trade there closing down.

    • david charles hind on Aug 30, 2011

      Food is part of the holiday.Did do AI once,never again,within two days found a bar serving beens on toast.HEAVEN.!!!Going again end of sept to CT for two weeks,Have cereal for breaky from the supermarket,then out to explore the town and beaches,lunch on the seafront,evening meal in the town.When i visit the buffet style cafes i always have my food cooked fresh,the chefs seem to apreciate that,and i enjoy the service from the waitresses,and it only costs a very small ammount extra THATS THE WAY TO DO IT lol

  4. Kitty on Aug 30, 2011

    In a word – yes. Unless people get out and about and use the bars and restaurants they won’t survive. You will find far better food in a local restaurant than you will in any AI.

    • david charles hind on Aug 30, 2011

      hi kitty,3rd time back in ct this year for me,most of the cafes,bars have known me over the last 6 years.Love to pop in them all again,have a chat about the uk and the world and spend a few euros.Chill out in broons in the afternoon and watch a bit of footy with the number one arsenal fan.One month to go,cant wait to see the smiles as i walk in with me outback safari hat lol
      musnt forget Erika in the galeon playa bar,shes a sweetie

  5. gordon on Aug 30, 2011

    we always go self catering. only did half board once in tenerife a few years ago now, and never again. wer not heavy drinkers so all inc doesnt appeall to us. would rather go out and sample the restaurants.
    plus weve heard all kinds of stories of the food in hotels.

  6. craig judson on Aug 31, 2011

    All inclusives will kill the Island not just Costa Teguise when all the small businesses are boarded up and covered in Grafiti who will want to visit the Island then. help stop this decline if you go all inclusive pop out a few times see what the resorts bars and restaurants have to offer you might be pleasantly suprised. A I put nothing back into the Island the money goes to big businesses based in Spain

  7. Karen on Aug 31, 2011

    I’ve never seen the attraction with AI – always go Self catering – sometimes cook in the apartment but most nights go out and try different restaurants – that way if the food is good you go back – if not you try somewhere else – also means that you get to see more of the resort your staying in and also meet other people – I have found some lovely restaurtants – both Spanish and English/Irish – also found a few that were terrible and I would never go to again – with AI the food always looks the same (on a 3 day trip stayed Half board – never again) this was enough to prove to me that I would never go AI regardless of the supposed saving.

  8. jenny on Sep 01, 2011

    Hi you could got to Ryans bar and see the owners Neil & Craig and buy out of date beer!! mr Worthington owns Ryans bar..

  9. scotty on Sep 02, 2011

    All inclusive resorts do nothing for the local economy and attract people with no money in thier pockets to spend having spent it all on the initial holiday then walk around miserable all week because the hotel is not up to expectation. OK for familys who just want to sit around a pool all week drinking weak beer. No good for people who actually want to do and see things on holiday

  10. John on Sep 03, 2011

    Think the weak pound against the euro is a big factor. I can understand couples not going AI but families definitely not only cos not constantly having to dip your hand in pocket for ice creams etc but actually gives parents more ‘me’ time.

    I now travel solo and it is not worth me going SC as the difference in cost is nominal as I usually have to pay exorbitant under occupancy supplements which usually means a one bed 3* SC costs only say £100-£150 less than 4* AI….no brainer really for me

    • david charles hind on Sep 04, 2011

      Prisons are A I ,not for me,whats the point of going so far and not getting out and about.Going for two weeks end of sept,Hotel £25 a night,great room,swimming pool,bar etc used to pay that 30 years ago in UK for b&b with the chance of a week in the cold

  11. David myers on Sep 05, 2011

    David i agree with yor opinion regarding AI but you are very lucky that you can visit in Sep, lots of people have to go in school holidays and this is when AI seem to work out cheaper,lets face it everyone charges more in school holidays which i feel is just greed on there part, some places i have stayed charge the same price all year round which i think is a lot fairer if only the flights were less exspensive in school holidays

    • david charles hind on Sep 05, 2011

      I agree mr myers,travelling with a family in the school holidays is very expensive,though i love the canaries it would not be my choice of holiday in high season,would probably choose a closer destination ie mediteranian,greek islands or my fav. portugal regards dave

  12. KatyB on Sep 09, 2011

    All Inclusive – I can appreciate that families with children may choose this option as drinks and ice creams for the children are usually in with the price at any time of the day. However, AI is disastrous for the touris trade in Lanzarote. There are so many fabulous resturants that will cater for every taste and price range. Support them, it is vital that they retain their independence and believe me, there are some fabulous restaurants in Costa Teguise from Chinese buffet style at 5 euros a head to traditional tapas and canarian restaurants with tapas at 1.90 euros and meals at about 15 euros per head. You cannot beat the choice and food is fantastic value. Even eating in at your own apartment, you can buy first class steak from the supermarket at about 3 euros. Equivalent here in UK would be about £12 at least.
    Forget all inclusive and support the local people, we have been visiting for 20 years + and would never go all inclusive. Tried it once and was like being in a works canteen at lunchtime…….
    Hope this helps

  13. Karen on Sep 09, 2011

    I agree with you Katy – never had and never will go all Inclusive – especially when as you say there is such a wide variety of places to try

  14. KatyB on Sep 09, 2011

    Thank you Karen, great to know someone else agrees.

  15. magic on Sep 20, 2011

    its ok saying support the restuarants thats if you can afford to eating in CT is no cheaper than eating anywhere in england. I cant afford to eat out in england all the time so cant afford on holiday. We go AI to save on eating out, and eat out as a treat.