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Approx how long does it take to drive to these sighseeings ?

Asked by: 23rd February 2011

I will shortly be staying in Playa Blanca and have a car so want to do some exploring

Can you pls advise approx times to drive to following – assuming no stops on way!

1) El Golfo

2) Teguise


Many thanks


4 Answers

  1. Michael on Feb 23, 2011

    1/ El golfo, approx 15 minutes

    2/ Teguise, the ex-capital of the island, approx. 1 hour

    3/ Costa Teguise, approx. 45 minutes

  2. Richard Jones on Feb 23, 2011

    You can do the whole island in a day and deffo in two. Stop off in Arrieta and have lunch at the fish restaurant on the jetty – wonderful. Also, got to Mirador del RIo at the very northern tip, which has amazing views of the little islands off the coast from about 1,500ft up at the cafe-bar-restaurant.

  3. Suze on Feb 24, 2011

    Thanks for the replies guys, I will addArrieta & Mirador del Rio to my list!

  4. Derek Hughes on Feb 24, 2011

    Hi I would agree…. you can see what you want to see in a full day…the island is much smaller than your map would suggest….dont worry about getting lost ….you wont be lost for long as you will eventually come across a sign to get you back on track.

    Also…. Arrieta a great spot for lunch i have been a few of times to La Graciosa ( excuse the spelling) if in doubt its the blue restaurant on the jetty… i was there 3 weeks ago on a Sunday….lots of local families great atmosphere……..fantastic seafood.. cant wait to go back