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Anyone taken their dog from UK?

Asked by: 18th April 2013

We are thinking of buying a villa in Playa Blanca and would love to have any feedback from people who have experience of taking their dog from the UK.  

I have a shihtzu who I’d hate to leave behind when staying for a number of weeks.  My fear is the length of time that she would be in a small travel crate.  Having read online information it appears that an outside agency makes the arrangements, which can prove costly.  They also state be at the airport 3 hours before and add that to flight times and delays and that could mean my poor little dog being in a small crate for 7 – 8 hours!!  

I know she loves to sleep for most of the day anyway but it sounds so cruel!  I would appreciate any feedback from people with experience to alleviate my fears

I know she’d miss us if we had to leave her at home and would hate the alternative of staying in kennels.  


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  1. Steve p on Apr 18, 2013

    Yes it can be costly
    Vist the Defra website on the pet travel scheme also vist < - link removed by ADMIN, see ABOUT / FAQ.2 / SPAM ->

    I know how it feels to leave them at home lucky my sister looks after our dog and she is happy staying with her but is allways glad to see us on our return