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Anyone know what deposit Cabrera Medina charge for the fuel on hire cars?

Asked by: 9th March 2011

Ive booked a car for 7 days (120 Euro) and they state that there is a refundable deposit for the fuel.


4 Answers

  1. Paul D on Mar 09, 2011

    Ive never booked with Cabrera Medina and have always gone with Hertz or Avis, but the way its worked with the cars i have had is that you collect the car and its full of fuel. You then have to supply the car back to them at the end of the rental period with the tank replemished with fuel, so all i do is top it up on the way back to the airport.

    I believe if i had not supplied the car back with a full tank of fuel they then hit you with a fuel bill so to speak.. All i can think is that Medina get a refunable deposit up front to make sure you supply the car back to them with a full tank of fuel… ( As for the deposit cost, im not sure but i bet its somewhere near the cost of a full tank of fuel though. )

    The only other other thing i get confused about in lanz regarding hire cars is that when you collect the car they charge you some sort of additional insurance collision waver charge before they will give you the keys ! Nobody ever mentions this when you originally book the car hire.( its just somthing that happens as you are doing the paperwork at the car hire collection desk ) . even if you book online direct with avis or hertz thinking its totally paid up and sorted its not ! , , , you still have to pay that extra insurance part at the airport when your collecting your vehicle.. Probably another 60 euros or so ..( i cant remember exactly the figure )

    Ive tried to challenge this in the past saying ive paid in full at the time of booking , but its pointless as if you dont pay it, you cant have the car !

    The tip is Benny ,, to have some extra money available at the car hire collection desk. You just never know… As for the fuel deposit… If they already have your credit card details, then they really shouldnt need to take a cash deposit off you as they could charge fuel to your card if you supplied the car back to them empty of fuel for example . .

  2. marshall muir on Mar 09, 2011

    i have used cabrera a few times in the past…they charge you for petrol/diesel in vehicle. if you pay for fuel at beginning of rental then you return vehicle empty.

  3. Karen on Mar 09, 2011

    I have never used them for that reason – I alwasy use Autoreisen – the price they quote is the price you pay – no charge for fuel or additional insurance (free driver and kids seats too) – you just return the car with the same amount that was in there when you collect it

  4. Jules CJ on Mar 12, 2011

    Plus Car supply their vehicles with up to a quarter of a tank and you return around the same, there are no fuel surcharges with them.