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Anyone know if Google plan to publish street photos for Lanzarote on Google Earth ?

Asked by: 22nd February 2011

Not sure if anyone can answer this : Google Earth Street Shots !.

On Google Earth, , If you look at some of the other Cancarian Islands , Tenerife in particular, you can zoom in and look at the individual camera shots of various streets !

At the moment , Google have not either taken the photo shots in Lanzarote for publication or maybe they are not going to ! My question is , Does anyone know if Google have plans to publish/ overlay the street photos for Lanzarote on the Google Earth service ? 



2 Answers

  1. Peter James Woodward on Feb 22, 2011

    Yes i think they should be, I see Grand Canaria has street view.
    I should think it will be this year.

    I look forward to this as well it is fun to see all the places you have been.

    All the best P

    • Paul D on Feb 22, 2011

      Cheers Peter ! I will wait with interest !