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Anybody remember the Piano Bar in Puerto del Carmen ?

Asked by: 2nd February 2011

Back in 1987, there was a venue called the Piano Bar on the strip in Puerto del Carmen. Huge white steps leading up to it from ground level – massive red sofas and benches with a guy playing solo jazz piano all night. Great ! Never saw it again. Must have been on a short-term lease or something. Made a change from the boom-boom clubs and bars.


1 Answers

  1. Kath and Keith on Feb 16, 2011

    yeah i remember the piano bar had good nights there .can’t remember name of the barman / musician / owner but played brilliant version of samba by santana , guitar playing was really good . dont know where he moved to have you any idea. noticed piano bar 1993 but didnt go in till 1998 . went every year from then on. then last time we went there was dissapointed to see it had closed down really miss it there. I think it was 2006 ish when it closed down .