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Any McDonalds on the island ?

Asked by: 16th March 2015


5 Answers

  1. Michael on Mar 17, 2015

    Not sure its the best food, especially on vacations when you can try great tapas & local food )

    There are 3 on the island :

    – Matagorda,

    Calle Marte s/n

    Open hours : Su-Th 09:00-23:00, F-S & holidays 09:00-1:00
    McAuto: M-Su 09:00-2:00

    – Puerto del Carmen,

    Centro Comercial Biosfera Local 4, Floor 4, Avenida Juan Carlos I nº15.

    Open hours : Su-Th 09:00-23:00, F-S 09:00-0:00
    McAuto/McExpress: Su-Th 09:00-23:00, F-S 09:00-01:00

    – Arrecife

    Argana Baja,

    Open hours : Su-Th 09:00-23:00, F-S 09:00-0:00
    McAuto: Su-Th 09:00-01:00, F-S 24h

  2. Michael on Mar 17, 2015

    For the best burgers/sandwiches in Lanzarote, I strongly recommend this famous local restaurant, with delicious & fresh food :

    Hamburguesería Superguay
    Calle Canalejas, 51

  3. David myers on Mar 17, 2015

    2000 miles for a burger NO thanks

  4. W Middleton on Mar 17, 2015

    If you were in the ‘back of beyond’, I can understand why you might want to look for a McDonalds.

    Lanzarote has lots of variety to offer, even for the most fussy of fussy eaters, so please get whoever it is who needs the McDonalds to try even pizza and chips in a local restaurant, rather than eat in an ‘I could be anywhere in the world’ McDonalds.

  5. jim dolan on Mar 17, 2015

    Some of us expats really enjoy the occasional taste of Mc Donalds for a change, although still cant beat some of the local dishes.