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Any hotel booking websites that have good rates for Grand Teguise Playa ?

Asked by: 17th January 2012 ,

Does anybody know any hotel booking websites that have good rates for the Grand Teguise Playa ? We have looked at alpharooms, hotels.com and monarch just thought someone might know of a few more. We are looking to book for April.


8 Answers

  1. Michael on Jan 17, 2012

    Try bookings.com, its always worth a look as many of the hotels on Lanzarote put there their last minute deals.

  2. marie macmillan on Jan 17, 2012

    have you tried booking direct with the hotel if you have been before they give returning customers a discount

  3. jude on Jan 17, 2012

    depending on where you are in the uk, jet2.com are now doing package deals and the teguise playa is one of them.good prices too.

  4. Tracy R on Jan 19, 2012

    Thanks everyone. I will have a look and hopefully get something booked.

  5. Tracy R on Jan 20, 2012

    Have just booked 1 week ALL INCLUSIVE in April for £530 with monarch in our favourite hotel in C T. Alpharooms were about £18 dearer. Don’t normally go AI but this was too good a deal to miss. It was actually dearer to go room only ???. We will be able to eat and drink out some days to support the local bars and restaurants as we got such a good deal. It is amazing the difference in price between websites some wanted £1000.00+ for this hotel AI . A good tip is to look at voucher codes.com to see if any further discounts can be had. We got £30 off monarch flights and 12% off airparks car parking in the UK. All in all we have booked 1 week at this hotel all inclusive with flights and 2 x 20kg bags each way and insurance through Monarch for £864. I think we got a bargain. Hope this can help anyone wanting to stay here. We are holidaying in C T in Sept. 6 of us in a villa self catering so we will be supporting local businesses then.

  6. David myers on Jan 21, 2012

    Hi Tracy am i missing something here you say you have just booked 1 week A.I.for £530 but then say £830 for 2 inc. insurance the figures dont add up ?

  7. Tracy R on Jan 21, 2012

    £530 was for the room for 2 people AI. £334 for the flights, baggage and insurance. Total cost for holiday £864. Sorry for the confusion.

  8. David myers on Jan 21, 2012

    Thanks for the reply now i understand thats a very good deal enjoy your holiday