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any good child friendly pubs or restaurants near Playa Bastian ?

Asked by: 25th February 2012

Hi there,me,my wife and two children are staying at the Playa Bastian apartments later this year.Can any one tell me of any good child friendly pubs or restaurants near the apartments,many thanks Andrew.


4 Answers

  1. Bill Rose on Feb 26, 2012

    Yep,The Crown at Coronas Playa, Steptoes,The Cavern

  2. Sue on Feb 26, 2012

    I agree with Bill’s recommendations on bars – the Crown does great food, their Sunday roasts are fantastic. You are also well placed for a number of good restaurants, one of our favourites in that area is Ninas

  3. jude on Feb 27, 2012

    just along from santa rosa apts is a bowling allley, right at the end and downstairs from the supermarket, there is a soft play area in it too and a small bar and cafe area great for kids large and small. and all of the restaurants welcome children out here, every restaurant that i know offers a childs menu too.

  4. Sonja on Mar 06, 2012

    Las Palmeras, known as The Palms is only 5 mins along to the left from the apartments. Very child friendly, loads of space, pool, darts etc. Also only 1 euro a pint and a spirit & mixer 1.80 24/7. Food good and cheap too with regular entertainment after Sunday lunch