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Any good Bars/places in Playa Blanca to go at night for few drinks ?

Asked by: 5th June 2011

Any bars or disco bars etc in playa blanca anyone could reccomend?




6 Answers

  1. Craig Hitchcock on Jun 06, 2011

    On the sea front promanade your spoilt for choice for bars and somewhere to have a few, regarding disco bars not sure on that one to be honest.

  2. DR on Jun 06, 2011

    Any you would recommend mate?and any other things that are a must do in playa blanca?

  3. jude on Jun 06, 2011

    the mill on the sea frnt is a good bar live music every night,further along near the burger there are lots of bars in the shopping centre there,would reccomend wax bar,good value for money, the other way by the harbour popeyes for singers and sport and upstairs from there is rooftops late night bar.

  4. jude on Jun 06, 2011

    woops! meant to say by the burger king!

  5. Paul D on Jun 06, 2011

    As Craig says , there is quite a choice, , , Depends really what you like ? If you fancy some live music id suggest The Irish Anvil which tends to stay open really late and also the Nags Head…

    Just fill your boots ! The atmosphere along the front of Playa Blanca in the evening is chilled and relaxed ,, Just soak it up and enjoy your holiday !

  6. DR on Jun 06, 2011

    Thanks for all you’re help.much appreciated:)