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Any bars in CT play music/videos of Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Queen, Fleetwood Mac ?

Asked by: 22nd September 2011

We are visiting C.T. in late Oct. We love sitting listening to music from this period.


6 Answers

  1. Ian Ewen on Sep 22, 2011

    La Esquina bar usually show these videos after the football games have finished.

  2. jude on Sep 22, 2011

    check out la vida,live music every night and each night is a different music genre but gazza is well known for his love of rock music and does lots of requests ( its next door to the teguise playa hotel.

  3. Colin M. on Sep 22, 2011

    Thanks Ian & Jude,all these wee bits of local knowledge make all the difference. Only 3 ish weeks untill we are in C.T. — cant wait!

  4. Karen on Oct 02, 2011

    Also try the Lighthouse – when I was there last sunday after seeing the Jaeger Bros (excellent by the way) they then had music videos like Steve Harley/Queen/The Real Thing etc – very good mix

    • Colin M. on Oct 02, 2011

      Thanks Karen,we know the Lighthouse, but from a long time ago. Only 2 and a bit weeks to go, then we are in sunny C.T.

  5. scotty on Oct 05, 2011

    You could try Ryans Bar mostly Blues and Soul D V D s but good music and variety is the Spice of Life