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All Inclusive is a good thing for Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 16th February 2012

What are your thoughts on all inclusive holidays ?


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  1. gordon on Feb 16, 2012

    if you want to stay by the pool drinking all day, its great…..
    if you want to get yaself out and about and sample some decent food, and try other bars as theres too many to mention

    • stephenbaxter551 on Feb 18, 2012

      hi gordon how much is turner tobacca! thanks

      • gordon on Feb 18, 2012

        no idea about turner baccy, i just get the yellow golden virg for our kid.

  2. mike leacy on Feb 16, 2012

    if u go all inc u rely on the hotel for everything,u could b any where.all the local infrastructure relys on tourists and u miss so much of the local atmosphere,also small bars that supply entertainment need customers to eat and drink to sustain the resorts or it will all become a very boring place.

  3. jason grace on Feb 16, 2012

    Lanzarote is such a fantastic island people will miss out on the hidden gems that are all over the islands, You can get great food and drinks all over and you can get cheap as you like buffets to expensive meals. All inclusive to me seems such a waste as you get stuck in one place thinking ive paid for it so why should i go anywhere else. If your on a budjet then stick to your 9.50 sun holidays.

  4. scotty on Feb 17, 2012

    All Inclusive is Killing Lanzarote and all the other Islands. Alll inclusive Hotels put nothing into the Local economy and do not create employment as they run on minimum staff well they would, would´nt they Think about it! plus they are not going to give away the best beers and branded quality spirits so if that´s what you want you will pay extra.
    All Inclusive holidays are killing resorts all over the World Short sitedness from the powers that be will cause the decline of many a resort, who will want to go to resorts where all the small businesses are boarded up and covered in Graffiti because that is what will happen.

    i would like to hear the counter argument from the all Inclusives to explain the benefits apart from offering cheap holidays in the sun to people who can hardly afford a wet weekend in Skegness. I do hope I have created a furor this argument wants to be out in the open and settled before it´s too late

    Sorry to bore you all, but I feel very strongly about this.

  5. David myers on Feb 17, 2012

    Scotty your so correct everything you say is right but its gone to far i think its something like 25yrs since the first A.I. was opened it was somewhere like Barbados and the locals can no longer use the beeches (hotels now own them ) how must they feel, but i personally think one of the problems which make it worse is the cost of air fare when going on a self catering holiday when you compare the cost of getting there plus accommodation and your food thats when A.I. look attractive more so when you try to book in school hols, it would be nice to see things return to how they were but i cant see it.

  6. david charles hind on Feb 17, 2012

    I did all inclusive once,never again.after a couple of days i built up enough confidence to escape.Found a small bar close by and asked the barman where should i eat,he offered to make me scotch pie and baked beans.I had found heaven.Been going back to the same bar the last 5 years,even after a change of ownership.LONG DIE ALL INCLUSIVE lol
    Thanks dougie,now gary at BROONS bar

    • Barry Dunne on Feb 19, 2012

      We normally stay self catering in Bungalows in Matagorda twice a year for a month each time.
      Last September we decided to go to one of the AI on Saturday nights for their dinners.
      12 Euro for all you can eat sounded great.
      The first Sat we thought this is brilliant,the second time,this is good,the third time not bad, the fourth time,the food is getting monotonous and never again.
      That is the main problem. We decide that we would never stay in an AI Hotel because after a few nights we would be bored out of our minds.
      It is is great to go out and try different Restaurants and discover someplace that would serve wonderful food in a lovely friendly atmosphere..
      AI Hotels will eventually destroy the local economy and resorts like Teguise and PDC will become Ghost towns at night.

  7. John Williamson on Feb 19, 2012

    Totally agree about Broons Bar. It is my local every time I am in CT. Just hope Gary manages to keep going. I go self catering every time. All Inclusive really is killing Lanzarote.

    • johnny robinson on Feb 19, 2012

      At least with A I you know where you stand. I have been in Lanzarote bars and cafes on many occcasions and have been tucked up with different prices as to those on the board.Keep A I and let the bars learn you cant keep tucking people up and getting away with it.
      Long live A I !!

  8. Tracy R on Feb 19, 2012

    We have been coming to Lanzarote for 20 odd years now mostly self catering but a few times A I .The reason for A I is that we like to stay in the Teguise Playa now and again and their prices make it impossible to not go A I. Even when we go A I we still like to eat out a few times and visit local bars most days and evenings when out for a walk.What I would like to say is yes local bars and restaurants should be supported to maintain this lovely resort that we all love but over recent years we have found some bar owners don’t seem to appreciate their customers. Last year we visited a bar during the day that we hadn’t been to before and the people behind the bar couldn’t have cared less. There was no friendly chat at the bar so we sat outside. We would have had another drink but nobody came to see if we wanted one and when we were leaving we took our glasses back to the bar (to give them a second chance) but there was no thank you, goodbye or anything and we were the only people in there. A few restaurants have this attitude also along with one or two other bars we visited. I must add that these are in the minority and most places are very very friendly that is why we keep returning but these bar and restaurant owners mentioned must realise that if you want people to return show them your appreciation.

    • mike leacy on Feb 19, 2012

      tracy if u have a bad experience at a bar u should share the name with all of us because it matters .

  9. Peter on Feb 19, 2012

    Tracy R,

    I agree with your observations and comments we have been holidaying in Costa Teguise three times a year for the last four years and have always been all inclusive.Some of the comments on here really make me want to go elsewhere, do these people really think that because you go A.I. you sit in the hotel compound all day, how bigoted and narrow minded some people are. We go all inclusive by choice after all it is still a free country, all i can say is that on average we take £1300.00 for a two week holiday as spending money , and usually bring very little back it is nice to go A.I.as you have at hand food and beverage as you require but on alternate evenings we eat out that is what being on holiday is all about experiencing different food and cultures. I am still amazed by the comments that A.I. is killing the island , so all the staff and food providers and services used by the hotels count for nothing, unless you go self catering. I think this will be our last holiday in what was once a nice relaxing resort, i also note that all the people complaining about this are all British not one local SAD.

  10. steve on Feb 19, 2012

    A few points for you:
    Unemployment is very high on the island – if not at an all time high, with a large amount of these unemployed coming from the tourist sector. Tourism is up and so is unemployment – are the hotels taking on extra staff?
    Food is bought in bulk and comes from overseas – very little, if any, is from businesses on the island.
    The bulk of AI money goes to the holiday companies country of origin and only a fraction of it goes into the island – TUI is a German company.(I have nothing against Germans either)
    The vast majority of AI clients do stay in their hotels, especially during the summer months and only venture out to do their booze and fag shopping.A percentage do come out,and their business is always greatly appreciated.

    The simple fact is if AI was priced at a realistic value then people would opt for a different board basis. Customers are being bought by the holiday companies due to a lopsided pricing structure but thankfully more and more people are trying it, not enjoying it and vowing to come back on a SC basis because of how cheap the resorts are and how poor the quality of the AI is.When you see people who are clearly over 70 wondering around with wrist bands on you cannot help but wonder why they would think food and drink on tap would benefit them or have they been misinformed by the travel agents as to how expensive it is?
    The resort is still a nice relaxing place and is still one of the safest that i know of.

  11. mike leacy on Feb 19, 2012

    what a strange post about ai from peter,the people who complain most about ai are the people who try to make a living by providing food drink and entertainment to the tourists,if you r coming here 3 times a year and spending 3900£ u r most welcome to continue,but i wonder if this is really so.also the reason that the people complaining about ai are british is because this is a british website

  12. Peter on Feb 19, 2012

    This site can be accessed by any nationality not just British but you will note the people having a moan about A.I. are British bar owners perhaps, strange how a very large percentage of bars and cafe bars are British owned perhaps this is why people choose to go A.I.

  13. steve on Feb 19, 2012

    People going AI causes all nationalities to suffer – hence why Kermans,La Gioconda and The wishing Table have all closed.

  14. steve on Feb 19, 2012

    You can also add to that,Las Brassas, Portofino and the Tex Mex.

    • mike leacy on Feb 19, 2012

      portofino is relocating to what was the splashbar on las cucharas front but i dont know if the same staff will b there.we really miss the giaconda.

  15. mike leacy on Feb 19, 2012

    as the web is world wide ie www. of course it can b accsessed by anybody on a computer the point is that anyone running a bar or restaraunt in ct wants to make a profit or there wont b any open for the people who dont want to share your kind of holiday.this of course includes many spanish bars of which there are many if you venture out in the town.

  16. jason grace on Feb 19, 2012

    Ai people go on holiday in the mind set i have paid for this so i will not buy anything whilst i am there….they tell me my kids can have drinks and ice creams all day long …… well my kids have ice creams and drinks….brought in local bars and shops,,,,however they know the value of goods so will not stuff their faces all day long with cheap drinks and ice cream. We go about the island in a hire car to different places – unlike AI who sit in there pools all day coz they paid for it already. We get good quality food cooked to order and it dont cost a fortune….unlike recycled food in a AI …. there is a place for AI but not on small islands where local people and business rely on tourist money for their futures, AI should buy local if they want to help in a small way.

  17. gordon on Feb 19, 2012

    we go approx 4x a year and spend on average 500euros each time. and we dont go all inc.

  18. Tracy R on Feb 19, 2012

    Jason although I agree with your comments “A I hotels should buy local and people should support the local establishments” please don’t tar all the A I clients with the same brush.

  19. Tracy R on Feb 19, 2012

    I don’t think I should name and shame bar and restaurants on this site as they are having a bad time as it is. This was my personal experience and other people may not visit these places because of me if I was to name them.Let people judge for themselves.If bar and restaurant owners visit this site they will see peoples comments and know if it applies to them or not that is why I posted my previous reply not to stop people going there.

  20. pete ansell on Feb 20, 2012

    interesting some folk think ai holiday people sit by the pool all day not venturing out and spending money,i had ten days in teguise,never by the pool once ,in fact only a small number of people did use pool area.
    as for locals needing trade to support themselves,i agree but the argument of ai not helping is silly as almost all items you can get are imported anyhow.
    by the way try finding decent fishing tackle and bait anywhere,there is none,maybe theres an opening for someone
    i still love teguise and will allways return,most friendly place ive been to.

  21. John on Feb 20, 2012

    I can see both sides of this argument, but think it is very narrow minded and stereotyping of the people who go AI.

    Ok I’ll throw my two penneth in here and give a slightly different slant. I am a solo traveller so the reason I go AI or HB is because you see same faces around pool/bars/restaurant and it is therefore easier to strike up conversation. It doesn’t mean that I don’t leave the hotel, stuff my face and get lashed every day, in fact I probably drink less on holiday !!

    I usually eat out 2 or 3 times through the day and twice on an evening aswell as using the hyperdino or spar during the week.

    I would suggest that those who are berating people for going AI, try going self catering as a solo traveller and see how isolated you feel

  22. Barbara Wood on Mar 03, 2012

    We are regular travellers to CT 2-3 times a year for the past 20 years have do both SC and AI, love eating out in all the different restaurants each night always get a warm welcome as many remember you, but if we go AI we stay at the Tequise Player love this hotel for its location and the food and drinks not bad either… BUT we still go out to the odd restaurant whilst we are there, and visit Bluebells and Chispas every night as the drinks are very reasonable and to sit out and people watch and meet up with old friends, we visit all the local shops and spend well in them.

  23. Peter on Mar 13, 2012

    We have just returned home from another A.I. holiday in Costa Teguise,. We use the A.I. as a fall back . Places to drink and eat too many to mention The Waterfront has the best location for watching the world go by while having a cool beer or steak , The paradise British bar opposite Teguise Playa another good place sat in sun with a cool beer, down below the Golden city Chinese getting busier each time we visit they are expanding in to the units next door. Some of the comments on here about people sitting by the pool all day i have never noticed until brought up on the site , Yes you do see a lot of people that never leave the complex or grounds but they are not British. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work that one out.

  24. Peter on Mar 13, 2012

    So all people that wander around with wristbands on are all A.I. I do wish some people on this site would get their facts right before berating anyone who dares not to go self catering what bigoted people you are. I always thought that choosing a holiday was a personal choice but it seems that if you want to go to Lanzarote unless you are self catering you are not welcome. By the British it seems.

  25. David myers on Mar 13, 2012

    I think one fo the reasons people choose AI is the fact they can budget a lot easier no nasty shocks that most people come across, i have had a few where you get ripped off with the drinks you buy with a meal not happy just selling you the meal you then find the drinks are twice the price of the place you had your last meal so you pay the high price but dont go there again

  26. johnny robinson on Mar 13, 2012

    Quite right Dave. Many times I have ordered a coffee and it has come looking like shaving water and when I’ve complained i’ve been told that is the price it is , so you pay up and don’t go back. Another favorite trick is you pay extra to sit outside and have a sea view.
    Never again,I’ve been caught so many times now it’s A I forever Bring it on!! The buggers deserve everything they get

  27. jason grace on Mar 13, 2012

    Of course Johnny you get best quality of food and Drinks in AI…….not !! They have to make profit too so where do you think they make their profit ??? You all say it is easier to budjet…..well when you go away cant to have your spending money and budjet yourself for so many days ?? I think every resort should have an AI if thats how people want to do it but limited amounts so it dont effect people making a living.

  28. David myers on Mar 13, 2012

    We will have to watch it here Johnny i think we have hit a nerve

  29. Peter on Mar 13, 2012

    No you have not hit a nerve, people do not like being dictated to about there holiday choice especially after being told by a Brit on this thread i am welcome to Lanzarote as long as i spend money outside the hotel and another one doubting the actual amount i spend while in Costa Teguise who the hell do these people think they are the Governors of Lanzarote you are doing wonders for the image of the island SAD.

  30. David myers on Mar 13, 2012

    Sorry to tell you but you have completely lost me i actually agree with your comments

  31. mike leacy on Mar 13, 2012

    peter,you seem a little tense perhaps a week in the sun will help.try coronas apts.ct.

  32. Peter on Mar 13, 2012

    Sorry Dave comments aimed at previous post.

    Mike .

    Just arrived back on Sunday from two weeks all inclusive back again in July for one week then September for two weeks last year for Lanzarote too many bitter business men trying to dictate as to what style of holidays people should take. But of course you will doubt this and also the money i spend as you have pointed out in your previous response to my comments

  33. steve on Mar 14, 2012

    Simple question – if the prices of the AI holidays were higher in comparison with either SC of HB holidays, would you still do AI?

    There is very little price difference between the different types and on a number of occassions AI is being offered cheaper than the other board basis!

    So if AI was offered at say over 600 pounds for next week and half board was just over 300 pounds (these are figures i found on the Thomas Cook website to Lanzarote for 22nd March, and airport, any resort)-would AI still be as attractive if the pricing structure was more in line with what you are purchasing?

  34. John Trengrove on Mar 14, 2012

    I think most people will always choose the cheapest option and right now there is no doubt about it that AI is the cheapest board basis. Many years back self catering used to be the option to go for in my eyes as you could get a cheap flight, cheap accommodation and pick up good quality meals at a low price. Since the euro was introduced I feel that prices have slowly but surely gone up in the local bars and restaurants and the value for money is no longer there as compared to many years back. This is where AI comes in as there is definitely value for money. Also anyone who says that the food is not as good in AI, I feel is wrong to make that point as the food in a lot of the local restaurants is not always up to scratch.
    It’s also really not that difficult to have a quick look on trip advisor to get an idea of a chosen AI’s food offerings. The simple fact is they work out a whole lot cheaper than if you were to go self catering.

  35. gordon on Mar 14, 2012

    bloody hell, my mailbox is full of links to this page.
    each to thier own.
    we dont go all inc as wer not heavy drinkers, and like to eat out. if we stayed and ate at same place i’d get bored and wouldnt go back. we know where to get value for money and friendly service.

  36. Peter on Mar 14, 2012

    John Trengrove Absolutely spot on the days of cheap self catering have gone We have looked at all options for holidays in Lanzarote, I personally use A.I. as a fall back it is there if i need it . But it seems to some people on this site if you do not go self catering you are harming the economy ? still cannot work that one out , if you sit by the pool all day and have every meal going i could understand the snide remarks made by certain people on here any one with half a brain cell can spot the nationalities that do not leave the confines of their hotel, when you walk along the promenade at ct away from the totem poles take note of the first bar which last week most days had no one in yet all the other bars along the prom were busy.