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Air fare increases for 2013 holiday season ?

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WARNING – just thought i would let everbody know to watch for significant air fare increses for 2013 holiday sason. we booked 2 returns gatwick-lanzarote on 4/12/12 including 2 hold bags, and pre booked seats going out on 4/10/13 and returning 21/10/13 total price for 2 people was £238 with Norwegian AIR.  Today the price for exactly the same flight with the extras is £613. an increase of  nearly £400 in 2 months, once 1 airline does it. the others normally follow suit. just thoughti would let everybody know. 


14 Answers

  1. dave love on Feb 08, 2013

    forgot also to say that the dates that we are travelling are not even school holidays

  2. steve on Feb 08, 2013

    Just checked same flights and i can get it for under 200.00 per person.Usually, the cost of flights go up as the flight gets busier – this is nothing unusual.

    • dave love on Feb 08, 2013

      Steve, when and where are you fly from????. what airline. i know the cost of the flights go up, but not by £200 per person with still 8 months to go before lift off. this is what i am saying

  3. Barry Dunne on Feb 08, 2013

    I booked Aer Lingus for May and September,the cost is practically the same as last Year.

  4. steve on Feb 08, 2013

    Dave, i used skyscanners with the same dates and airport as you stated.The fact is your cost is very cheap and the quote i was given is still cheap at under 200.00 per head.It is not unusual for flights to more than triple in flights once they have achieved there quota.

    • dave love on Feb 08, 2013

      Steve, i also checked skyscanners and they are showing the same cost as Norwegian Air.( as per my info above)the flights you are looking at is with Norwegian Air outwards and monarch homeward (late flight). i have just checked my norwegian Air account and there are only 20 seats booked so far. i do agree with you about the price increases, but as i stated not 8 months in advance at £200 per person outside of the school holidays

  5. steve on Feb 08, 2013

    Sorry Dave, i was trying to find flights on the same date from the same destination that would offer a comparison or give a cheaper deal than you were stating.I was simply stating that flights were available at cheaper than you were stating and that everyone need not panic on massive increases as this is clearly not the case.I wish people would not complain about how expensive it is to fly to Lanzarote – 4 years ago it would cost you over 250.00 just to get here!!

  6. nigel ball on Feb 09, 2013

    Flights get dearer nearer to the time you want to fly. It has always been this way. I fly with AerLingus from Cork in August. The fares in the past three years have only fluctuated by 30 or so euro per person, even with the astronomical fuel increases thaqt the airlines pass on.

  7. dave love on Feb 09, 2013

    Nigel, i do appreciate that the cost of flights increase these days (unlike a few years ago when they used to decrease) as the time gets nearer, but not by £200 per person in 1 lump and with still 8 months to go befgore we fly. i was just trying to make the point of how much our flight has increased since we booked and with still 8 mon ths to go. just glad we booked up when we did

  8. mike on Feb 10, 2013

    it is true what u are both saying. i booked 2 returns from liverpool to lanzarote in early december for the 19th sept 2013 for £181pp inc luggage, so thats a total of £362 and a few days a go that same flight was £542 n increase of £180 even tho it is 8 month away. the price now is £494 so it shows they go up and down. the best thing to do nowadays is to book when the flights get released.

  9. Wendy on Feb 16, 2013

    Has anyone flown with Norwegian air from Gatwick? We normally fly with Ryanair from Birmingham. We have booked for the two of us in April this year paying £301 and looking to book in early October it is going to cost £500.

    • dave love on Feb 16, 2013

      Wendy, as per my initial question above, we have booked to go with Norwegian Air in october. when we booked in december we paid for 2 of us £238 including hold baggage and pre boked seats. the price now for the 2 of us is over £600. Norwegian Air only start flying to lanzarote from September, but they do fly daily from gatwick to Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden. and have a really good feedback.
      best to do a search with skyscanners to find the best deals going

  10. Wendy on Feb 16, 2013

    Thanks Dave. I have put a general question up on the forum to see if anyone else has flown with them 🙂

    • dave love on Feb 16, 2013

      Wendy, have a look at this website for norwegian air.com reviews:-