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Advice on Playa Blanca ?

Asked by: 5th October 2012


5 Answers

  1. ian appleby on Oct 05, 2012

    err, what sort of advice?????

  2. Kim Jenner on Oct 05, 2012

    Sorry – every time I post a question it does not seem to work. My original email was:
    Hi – its our first time taking our children (4 and 6) abroad and our first time in Lanzarote. WE leave in 3 weeks and will be staying in PB in a villa. I have a number of questions and was hoping someone might be able to help.
    1. From the other posts it would seem that the weather will be warm in the day and cold at night. Should I be taking swimsuits (we have a heated pool) and short or jeans and t shirts – will we need suntan lotion. Should I take costs for at night?
    2. Any recommendations for must do things. We have a car.
    3. Any recommendations for restaurants in PB or surrounding area.
    4. My son turns 5 while we are away – any ideas for a restaurant that would make a fuss – i.e bring out a dessert wit candles etc. Also anywhere that I can get a birthday cake locally.
    5. Finally any other top tips.

    Many thanks

  3. Kitty on Oct 05, 2012

    You will definitely need swimsuits and shorts. Depends how hardy you are for night time. A cardi does it for me at this time of year – I’ve never taken a coat to Lanzarote. Sun cream is an absolute must . Even if its cloudy, don’t be fooled. Must do things include Manriques house, the caves, fire mountain, mirador del rio and the children will probably like the bird park. You will find plenty of info on things to see and do when you get there. As for foodie places, someone else will have to help with that as I don’t tend to spend much time in Playa Blanca.

  4. Kim Jenner on Oct 06, 2012

    Thanks for your comments! Am looking forward now to some sunshine!

  5. Julie Scott on Oct 31, 2012

    Its also our first time in Lanzarote we are staying in Playa Blanca al inclusive for two weeks
    i was hoping someone could advise us on a few things not sure how much spending money to take , theres 2 of us , how expensive are the bars and cafes how cheap is it to eat out ?
    We will want to go on the boat trip to furventura and try a couple of restaurants does anyone know of a good fish restaurant and Curry house !
    Ive heard its thunder storms this week in lanzarote does this last ! we are flying out on the
    5th november.
    Would appreciate any advise on Playa Blanca Thank You