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1st time back since my wife passed away ?

Asked by: 15th December 2014

hi’ my name is josh, my late wife and i went to lanzarote twice a year for many years, but jackie sadly passed away in april. costa teguise was a place we both loved, i am going there for a week on 18 to 25 jan. i am obviously going wiith some trepidation, just wondering if anyone has any tips…..josh


7 Answers

  1. Joe Strummer on Dec 16, 2014

    Josh – Personally I think you are being very brave and do not need any tips – you’ve done the hard bit by booking ?

    Sad as it may seem me and the Mrs have spoke about if we’d go on holiday to anywhere we have been if this happened to either of us !

    We’ll just miss you by a couple of days or I’d have bought you a beer -try to relax and enjoy – remember no-one can take away your memories

    “Rock the Casbah”

  2. Wendy Middleton on Dec 16, 2014

    Hi Josh,

    I agree with Joe – you have done the hard bit, booking your holiday.

    It will be bitter-sweet but I just hope that when you come back from your holiday that you are glad that you did actually go.

    I’m sure that one of our ‘regulars’ on here will be in CT at the same time as you and may meet up with you for a drink.

    I do hope that it goes OK for you.


  3. Tom Iles on Dec 16, 2014

    Josh. Nice words from Joe and Wendy. Hopefully you will be going out with friends or relations to help you through what could be a difficult time. I would think possibly the most stressful time will be going into bars and restaurants that hold fond memories for you. May I gently suggest that you also try some new places to visit to help you through your visit. I wish you all the best.

  4. Fred on Dec 17, 2014

    Hi Josh, I think you have shown much courage. I agree with Tom and would perhaps recommend going to some new places too. Maybe a car hire to see some of the truly lovely places on the island. All the very best to you…

  5. ellyg on Dec 17, 2014

    Hopefully you will be staying at accommodation that you have been to before and know the layout etc. There may be people who went at the same time as year as you and you will know from previous years. However it may be that you need to change your routine a little from what you always did with your wife, ie different part of the dining room. Or different area round the pool, this would give you the familiarity you need but with slight different outlook to the week. Overall dont be afraid to go to entertainment, or trip or whatever just because you are on your own, people will always stop and chat and be friendly. Relax and enjoy.

  6. Kevin Burton on Dec 17, 2014

    Hi Josh, My wife and I will be inCT when you are there and if you want, we can meet up and exchange experiences and likes / dislikes. I am sure that it will be difficult for you on your first return so I will leave it up to you whether you want to bend a friendly ear. Just name a time, date and place if you want to take up the offer but if you don’t I will understand. Best wishes for the festive season.

  7. Frank on Dec 17, 2014

    Hi Josh like the others I hope you have a good time.

    Earlier this year I met 2 guys in my Lanza Local who like yourself had lost their wives. I had met one of the guys on a previous holiday and he felt just like you. Anyway the 2 guys from different parts of the UK have become friends and now arrange to meet in CT for holidays. I’m sure you’ll bump into someone you’ve met before.

    Me I is a nice big guy and I’ve had a pint with him and his wife before. Why not take up his offer.